Whirlpool Corp. Commercial Laundry Brings Product Solutions to Texcare International 2016

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. (June 10, 2016)—The Commercial Laundry Division at Whirlpool Corporation (Hall 8, Booth C71) is highlighting two of its three premier and innovative brands at the world’s leading trade fair for the laundry and cleaning sectors at Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany, June 11 to 15.

Designed to attract key decision makers and potential investors, the show is the ideal platform for Maytag. Commercial Laundry and ADC to showcase equipment that meets the demands of the coin and on-premises (OPL) markets. Attendees that visit the booth will learn first hand about the company’s commitment to delivering industry-leading products and solutions.

“Texcare International is the hub of the industry’s future: innovations, resource conservation and digital modernization,” said Trey Northrup, general manager of Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry. “We’re not only excited to be part of this forward-thinking conversation, but we know our products deliver on what customers are looking for. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase a wide range of product capabilities to a core group of industry leaders.”

Products on display within the booth include:

  • The New Maytag® Commercial Laundry High-Efficiency, Front-Load Washer
    The high-efficiency front-load washer, which uses approximately 10.71 gallons of water per cycle, is ENERGY STAR. qualified and provides unremitting power to coin and on-premises markets. Equipped with Advanced Spin Technology, an enhanced DuraCore Drive System and Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology, this machine delivers more accurate cycle times, and helps to deliver powerful profits for owners.
  • Top-Load and Stack Washer/Dryer Small Chassis Machines
    With proven cleaning performance, the Maytag. Commercial Laundry Top-Load Washer and Stack Washer/Dryer offer maximized reliability and exceptional end-user experience.
  • ADC Traditional and I-Series Large-Capacity Dryers
    A brand known for dryer innovation, the ADC product lineup showcases its engineer-driven approach to design. Built to last, the dryers offer cutting edge technology and time-tested reliability.
  • EcoWash Multi-Load Washers from ADC
    The ADC EcoWash Washer lineup offers reliable and efficient washers in both rigid- and soft-mount configurations. With final spin speeds up to 350 G-Force, there is a washer to meet any coin or OPL laundry need.
  • ADC Firefighter’s Turnout Gear Drying Cabinet
    The ADC EcoDry Firefighter’s Gear Drying Cabinets are energy efficient and are designed to prolong the life of heavier, bulky garments. The large cabinet offers enough room to hang gear so warm air can circulate through coats, pants, gloves and boots—ensuring all items are dry.

About Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry
Whirlpool Corporation offers a full range of commercial washers and dryers to the coin, multi-°©housing and on-premises markets though a global network of independent commercial laundry distributors. The portfolio includes MaytagCommercial Laundry, ADC and Whirlpool. Commercial Laundry brands. Whirlpool Corporation is committed to providing innovative, dependable and energy-efficient products to the commercial laundry market.

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