Location is everything in business and that is no different for the coin laundry business. In fact the term location has three very distinct criteria, each critical to the long term success of your business.

There are three “locations” you need to focus on:

Location – This is the physical location of your business. Where are you in the everyday traffic pattern of your customers. Will your new location be easily visible for those traveling to see and know that a new laundry is open? Where are you in relationship to your nearest competitor?

Location – What makes your location a great Laundromat opportunity? Do you have great parking? Do you have great lighting? Does the size of the building afford you adequate space for your customers? Do you have adequate utility services?

Location – What lease terms can you secure for the location? Property lease payments should not exceed twenty five percent of your gross income. How long of lease terms can you secure? Longer lease terms provide much needed fixed expenses and can also help secure longer equipment terms if needed.

In addition to those just mentioned, there are other factors to consider when selecting the location for your coin laundry business. Your local ADC distributor will perform demographic and income analyses of every individual location.

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