Get the assurance of a factory rebuilt board!

Includes upgrades, enhancements and warranty.

Effective July 1, 2012

  • Phase 1-5 and relay boards are $95
  • Phase 6, 7 & 8 boards are $155
  • All pricing is net (non discountable). Pricing includes return shipping via UPS ground (U.S. Only). No service charge for non-repairable boards.

Warranty Information

The warranty for these remanufactured controllers is ninety (90) days from the date of sale (date code/invoice date) by ADC.

Payment Method

Include a check for the correct amount with shipment or call to pay by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express). NO C.O.D.


It is ADC’s option to either repair the customer core returned or supply a repaired controller from ADC stock. Customer is not guaranteed to get their specific returned MP controller (core) back. ADC makes no promise as to availability or turn around time.

ADC reserves the right not to accept a core MP controller that we feel is not deemed repairable, to refuse or cancel an order, change or discontinue this program at any time without notice or obligation.

Purchasing Remanufactured Controllers

ADC must be in possession of the failed controller(s), which are considered “core returns,” before any order(s) for remanufactured controllers are processed.

Returning Out of Warranty Failed Controllers (Cores)

Microprocessor controllers (cores) must be properly packaged and shipped to ADC factory in such a manner that they are insured and a proof of delivery can be obtained by sender. Sender is responsible for all lost or damaged shipments. A purchase order, packing slip, or letter must be included with the controller (core) with the notation that the controller is a “core return” for the purchase of “remanufactured controller”. Additionally, shipping instructions should be noted; otherwise, the particular order for the remanufactured controller(s) will be shipped via the same manner received.

A contact name and telephone number must be noted somewhere on the paperwork included with the shipment.

The company returning the controller (core) must clearly note their complete company name and address on the outside of the package. Incoming shipping charges, duties, as well as any other related expenses are the responsibility of the sender. Return To:

American Dryer
Remanufactured Controller Program
88 Currant Road
Fall River, MA 02720-4781

Order Processing

Upon ADC’s receipt of the “core return,” the core will be identified, documented, and an order will be generated for a remanufactured controller of the same type received. ADC will not accept requests for substitutions of one type of controller for another. Once the order is generated, the order for the remanufactured controller will be processed through normal parts order channels.

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