Hard-working machines start with reliable team members.
Learn more about the team at ADC and the experience they bring to the table.

Marvin Fox: The Resilient Explorer

Senior Engineering Manager, Commercial Laundry System Architect and Sub-System Module Leader is not only a long title, but the responsibilities are equally as large. Which is why Marvin Fox, a 20-year Whirlpool Corporation veteran who prides himself on personal accountability, is the man for the job. When he’s not admiring classic cars or camping, you can find him playing a key role in the launch of our innovative products.


Mauricio Lima: The Diversity Diplomat

Mauricio Lima has a keen ability to connect, relate and establish relationships with diverse cultures and languages in various geographic regions. And as it so happens, he’s served as commercial laundry sales manager for Asia and Oceania for the past 15 years. With the aptitude of connecting global communities, Lima provides invaluable expertise, allowing his customers to reach their business goals. But he feels he’s doing more than just driving transactions. He’s connecting mankind to products that make lives better and cleaner.


Mike Conover: The Adult Learning and Engagement Aficionado

Possessing 10 years of experience educating and strengthening adult learning engagement, Mike Conover is excited to join commercial laundry as the new training manager. His lifelong passion for learning and teaching, as well as working with novices of all ages and backgrounds, has prepared him to bring a unique perspective to the brand—one of which will allow ADC to restructure its current training strategy and expand capabilities. With aspirations of developing experiential learning experiences to benefit internal stakeholders, trade customers and their end users, Conover plans to implement solutions to drive the business forward.


Raul Rincon: The Paso Adelante Expert

Paso Adelante, which means “step forward,” is the perfect way to describe the Commercial Laundry Plant Director Raul Rincon. It’s not just because he touts a flawless step pattern while salsa dancing; though, if you ever need a partner, he’s the guy to call. With 18 years of manufacturing experience, Rincon is adept at executing progressive plant changes to ensure a streamlined operation—recently implementing a build-to-order production environment. In addition to the skills he imparts within the manufacturing facility, Rincon enjoys that customers are in an arm’s reach, allowing him to keep a pulse on market needs.


"Simply Reliable by Design"