Another amazing show

Clean 2019 was an amazing event this year. New Orleans was an excellent host, and everyone from the Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry brand team was excited to see so many customers come from across the globe and visit us on the show floor.

Impressive Demonstrations

Highlights of the booth included product demonstrations that illustrated the versatility and customized solutions that help reinforce facility performance and throughput. The i-Series Dryer Lineup displayed how ADC™ machines are engineered with real-world innovations, like the optional Automatic Airflow Compensation (AAFC) feature that automatically compensates for high static pressure caused by airflow restrictions. These restrictions can happen with long vent runs or even when retooling to larger capacity dryers. AAFC helps maintain airflow by increasing the fan speed as needed.

What’s next

We were at the show for you. We displayed our new perspective by demonstrating how ADC™ Dryers can meet your unique business needs. From equipment that provides fast drying for more turns to machines that can help your laundry facility optimize productivity, we will continue to work this strategy to help your business succeed.


Want to know more?

If you saw something at the show that you want to know more about, contact your ADC™ Laundry distributor for personal demonstrations and detailed product spec sheets.

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